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Please note that except for the sections referring to exemption, premed studies, scholarship information and to the time/location of the entrance exam, ALL THE FIELDS ARE MANDATORY to fill in.

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(Please note that exemption may only be granted if you fulfil scientific and language requirements together and attach the relevant documents.)

Please note that we are ready to accept applicants with exemption only at the beginning of the application period, therefore we will not be able to accept exemption requests after May 31, 2023 for the academic year 2023/2024.


Please specify field and number of years (The original transcript shall be posted.)

and having a B2 level English language examination, namely:




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Registration number of degree/certificate/transcript If you are still a student, write NA here.

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** information on credit transfer and the recognition of previous studies on the website of the Registrar's Office
Premedical Course
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Number of years attended

Registration number of degree/certificate If you are still a student, write NA here.

Type of degree/certificate

Scholarship information

My registration number

My registration number

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Where and how did you first learn about this program? Please specify:

Where else did you get information from

Data management and declaration of approval

* The details of the credit certificate according to the 2011. CCIV. Hungarian National Higher Education Act and the implementation of certain provisions of Act No. 87/2015 (IV.9.): 1. Student data: Surname, First name, Place of birth (country, city) and date of birth, Student status data, Student identification number; 2. Programme data: Name, Level, Work schedule, Language of programme; 3. Data related to the requirements of the training during the training period: The name and data of the subject, curriculum unit (hours, type, language), type of assessment, A description of the requirement that allows NHEA. (5) of Section 49 to examine and assess whether the knowledge acquired and verified by the student correspond to the competencies of the subject (curriculum requirement), The credit value and grade of the requirement; 4. The authentication of the credit certificate (stamp, signature).

Notes, remarks to the admissions team/English Program Committee

I hereby certify that the information I have provided is complete and accurate, and any other supporting materials, documents are factually true and honestly presented. I acknowledge that these documents are verified true copies of the original documents and they will become the property of the institution I am applying to, and they will not be returned to me. I will notify the University of Pécs should there be any changes to the information provided in this application. I declare that I am aware of the English Program requirements and conditions of admission valid and published at the official admissions website of the University of Pécs Medical School ( at the time of submitting my online application and fully accept the given conditions. Hereby I allow the University of Pécs to process the data and documents I supply during my admission procedure, and accept that my data and documents will only be used for the admission decision and in connection with my studies, according to the data protection regulations of the European Union and of the University of Pécs.


After completing your application an automatic reply will be sent to your e-mail address to confirm your online registration.

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